The Care Quality Commission

Since 2011 every dental practice and dental practitioner must be registered by the UK’s Care Quality Commission. At this time strict continental style requirement and regulations came into force. Thousands of pages of rules, regulations and requirements must be carefully followed. Every move and activity performed by a practitioner must be registered and recorded.

We must therefore have a good number of policies in place in order to comply with a complex and very thorough decontamination and hygiene policy known as HTM01-05.

If you are interested in learning how we ensure proper hygiene and full decontamination in our practice, please visit our hygiene and decontamination page.

We have been fully registered and approved by the CQC since August 2011

We have allocated two members of staff to stay up to date with the new requirements. They continuously monitor every aspect of practice compliance. The new rules have been incorporated into our practice refurbishment plans, carried out in March 2012.

Furthermore the CQC carried out an on-site investigation prior to us commencing the practice refurbishment. Even so we were still able to achieve the highest possible result. Today, the practice continues to be fully compliant.

All our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council

Every dentist follows the Council and the CQC recommendations on best practices. They are all fully insured. Every member of staff goes through an enhanced CRB check and none has a criminal record. In addition our practice is fully insured, including full public liability insurance as one would expect.

Compliance is something we all take seriously, and our efforts to make our practice compliant and of the highest standards continue on a daily and hour by hour basis.