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Experiencing major strides forward in dentistry

The past ten to fifteen years have seen many significant changes in the world of dentistry. These have occurred in two main areas – more advanced dental equipment and stricter regulations and Health and Safety measures from regulatory bodies.

Advanced modern technology

Dentistry has seen some major advances in technology in the past few years. These include digital technology, advanced space age materials, three dimensional imaging and planning and mass production.

A modern dental practice essentially cannot function and compete without a proper digital x-ray unit and computerised viewing software. Dental procedures have also become even safer as a consequence of the creation of new sterilising equipment that virtually eradicates the potential for cross contamination.

In other areas, new ceramics are used in conjunction with brand new digital milling machines. These are capable of producing works such as dentures and implants that are correct in size and shape to a fraction of the width of a hair. Furthermore three dimensional scanners and imaging equipment are making treatment planning easier, faster and more precise than ever before.

New safety regulations

The world of dentistry saw new safety regulations introduced by the Care Quality Commission in 2011-12. This meant that dental practices that were fully compliant with the new regulations would be as safe as hospitals.

Under the new regulations all dental equipment must be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. In addition, certificates of complaint reports must be completed when appropriate. Many tools that were once re-used must now be discarded after just one use and many less safe materials have now been banned permanently. The same can be said of some previously accepted methods of working in the dental industry.

Dent1st – working hard to provide the highest quality service you require

The team at Dent1st knows just how important the above factors are. Thus we welcome all the changes that have been implemented in recent years. As a consequence we continually check the quality of our equipment, upgrading and updating our existing equipment to the latest and best on a regular basis. We also ensure we strictly adhere to the new regulations as imposed by the CQC.

We are proud to announce we received our fully compliant status as granted by the CQC in early 2012 [link].

Dent1st uses only the best technology and equipment

To give you an idea of the scale and range of the modern dental equipment we use, here are just a few of the items our specialists use when performing treatments. Every single piece of equipment is scrupulously maintained and cared for, to assure your safety and convenience.

  • 3D digital Panoramic X-Ray machine
  • 3D digital treatment planning
  • 3D crown and bridge preparation – CEREC
  • 3D impression taking
  • Cloud based data and practice management
  • Latest dental treatment units
  • Vacuum sterilizers, autoclaves, medical grade washers
  • Implant motor systems
  • Advanced anaesthetic systems
  • Lasers
  • Small equipment
    • Laser Teeth Whitening
    • Apex Locator
    • Mixers
    • Etc

We also have in place the latest up to date policies to help prevent instances of fire, outbreaks of legionella, cross infection and many other preventable circumstances.