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It is common practice for many of us to visit our local dentist when we experience basic dental problems. Good examples of this include fillings or perhaps even a root canal treatment.

But when it comes to more complicated treatments such as dental implants we may find our local dentist is not trained to perform such treatments. Alternatively they may not exhibit the required level of skill or experience we would expect when undergoing such a treatment. Even when we are lucky enough to find a dental office that is relatively local to us and has great credentials and plenty of experience with dental implants it may not be ideal. We may end up paying a king’s ransom to get the results we desire.

Welcome to the alternative – the Dent1st Network

The Dent1st Network is a group of independent people, organisations and companies who either have significant personal connections, or have access to a large number of people through their work who may require dental treatment.

This is the main reason behind the growing number of specialist implant centres in the country. It is also the exact reason we created the Dent1st Network.

Running on recommendations

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the two key elements that continue our network’s existence. If you are a patient of Dent1st or DentistAbroad you may find that simply recommending our services to others could be financially beneficial to you.

Alternatively you may be working at or running a company that has access to a large number of people – potential dental patients that don’t yet know affordable dental treatments do exist.

Whether you are a hairdresser, an insurance broker, a member of a choir, an HR assistant or just a popular person at your own company, you could join our network. We don’t require you to actively market our company. However if you do decide to do that you may quickly realise how many people are in need of in depth dental treatment, or are putting it off because they believe it could be too expensive.

If someone shares their dental woes with you and you know someone who is affordable, reasonably priced and experienced in the type of dental treatment they require, you could gain a financial reward for recommending them. You may be able to save the cash towards a future treatment, or even pay for it in full.

If you are interested in signing up for this opportunity, please send an email to info (at) dent1st (dot) co (dot) uk and we will call you in the next week or two to discuss it further.