It seems to be more and more popular to get a smile makeover, as people ask for it more often during their normal dental check-ups.

I guess, it is OK, as first impressions are very important nowadays, having a beautiful smile can mean “everything”. You get the guy/gal, the job you desire, or just want to stick out from the crowd and draw attention to yourself.job-interview

What is a Lumineer?

A Lumineer is a special type of ultra-thin veneer, made of special, very strong and durable porcelain as thin as contact lenses. They are often referred as contact lenses for your teeth, as they are only 0.3 mm thick, while porcelain veneers have to have at least 0.5 mm of thickness. The material they are made of a is a special patented Cerinate® porcelain.

It is quite controversial and hard to believe that it is stronger, and at the same time, much thinner than traditional veneers.

Lumineers are a permanent cosmetic dental solution for stains and chips, as well as slightly misaligned teeth, causing less discomfort than other kind of veneers.lumineer

When Lumineers are not recommended

Although it all sounds very good, not everyone is a candidate for Lumineers. It is important to remember, that Lumineers mainly provide a solution for minor stains and chips, or slightly misaligned teeth. Should you have loose teeth, seriously damaged enamel, big gaps between your teeth, or desire an extreme makeover, Lumineers may not be a solution for you. For some people, a combination of traditional veneers (allowing more flexibility) and Lumineers would be the way to go.

Advantages of Lumineers

  • the procedure is more or less painless
  • the change to the structure of teeth is minimal (only very little of your natural tooth structure needs to be shaved down before bonding them to your natural teeth)
  • if you have stained teeth, you do not have to repeat the teeth whitening procedure with time
  • you can mask tooth erosion with them
  • it can be fitted around crown and bridge work
  • if they are fitted properly, you can prevent penetration of bacteria and microorganisms, and avoid further decay
  • it is reversible
  • it is proven to last for over 20 years with proper care
  • you’ll need only two dentist appointments
  • it comes with a lifetime warrantylumineer-before-after


I have seen/heard of patients who mentioned serious gum irritation, increased staining and plaque accumulation. By experience, I know that these can lead to gum disease or decay. Dentists and dental hygienists usually recommend thorough care-taking and oral hygiene. It is very important to use floss in between the teeth, and even make sure to keep the are very clean where the lumineers meet the gum.

Bad habits affecting Lumineers

Lumineers will serve you for over 20 years, however chewing nuts and seeds, biting your fingernails nails, pens, etc. can cause damage to the Lumineers, therefore you should try to get rid of these bad habits if you want them to last a long time.

What to know about lumineers cost?

Lumineers are definitely more expensive than traditional veneers as they are made of a special material and manufactured by a specialized laboratory.

Lumineers UK: Expect to pay around £700 for a Lumineer veneer.

The cost can vary depending on the dentist’s level of expertise and his work charges too. Lumineers London: Check out some dentists in Harley Street, you can get great bargains there.