Prices - Discounts

On these pages you will find all the information you need regarding payment for our dental treatments. We also have a 0% one year finance plan or a longer term loan option at a low APR is this suits you better – full details are below.

We operate a discount system for spouses and community members. Should you decide that is time for a full overhaul and you wish to sort out all your dental issues at once, you will benefit from the 5-10% discount which we give to all patients spending over £6,000 in one course of treatment.

You may choose to finance your treatment by taking out a loan. With the help of a major international bank, we provide 0% APR 12 months credit on any treatment above £500 or up to 5 years finance on a low level 7.9% APR interest rate if you need more time for your instalments.

In keeping with our pricing policy you will find that many parts of your dental work which is billed as an extra with other clinics is totally free at Dent1st. We also offer completely free implant treatments as part of our charity work to those that are in really serious need. Numbers are limited, but if you know anyone who is in serious need we would be happy to discuss this option with them.

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