Here at Dent1st we provide three different kinds of consultation.

The Regular Consultation

During a regular consultation you will meet our dedicated team, comprising of a dentist, a customer service officer or Treatment Coordinator and a nurse. We will take 2D or 3D x-rays of your jawbones and teeth. Alternatively you may bring your own x-rays providing they were taken no longer than 3 months ago.general dental consultation

You will have an opportunity to discuss your dental health and condition with the dentist. Together we will ascertain the condition of your teeth and identify the potential outcome in future if any underlying conditions are left untreated. The dentist will suggest potential solutions to any problems you have, and you will have the opportunity to evaluate them. Several treatment options will be discussed and you will receive information on each one.

The next stage in the regular consultation process is to talk to our Treatment Coordinator. This is the stage at which you can discuss the cost of any treatments you opt for, how the treatments will be carried out and what the proposed timescale would be.


There will be a charge of £25 for your consultation and £40 for your 2D x-ray (£95 for the 3D x-ray image). Your consultation fee will be refunded if you opt to go ahead with your treatment. This potentially makes the consultation free of charge.

The x-ray taken during your consultation is your property and we will be happy to release it to you on a disk if you decide to get a second opinion from another practice.

You will receive a written treatment plan in 1-2 days.

The "Implant Candidate" Consultation

This consultation is recommended for patients considering dental implants. You may request this type of consultation from our team.

You will spend 40-45 minutes with one of our dental experts. You will see a dentist who is either a specialist or has gained the most experience in the particular area of dentistry relevant to your dental condition. During the consultation you will have plenty of time to discuss your dental history and any conditions you may have in this respect. Your teeth will be subjected to a thorough examination and we may measure up to 10 indicators on conditions on all your teeth.

The dentist will discuss the future implications of any dental condition present if it was left untreated. We will propose several solutions and provide a professional and scientific insight into each treatment option available. In each case we will provide information on how we would achieve the balance between function and aesthetics.

Implant patient consultation with CTThe 45 minute time slot will give you time to ask any questions you may have in mind, enabling you to receive and evaluate a considerable amount of information. You can then make an educated decision on the treatment option you would prefer, as well as indicating the preferred final result you wish to achieve.

Following the in depth discussion with the dentist, you will talk with our Treatment Coordinator. This is where the cost of the preferred treatment will be discussed. During this stage we can also advise on the possibility of paying for your treatment in instalments.

At this stage you may have lots of questions about such issues as healing times, anaesthetics, treatment procedures and so on. Our team will ensure all your questions are answered in advance of the treatment process, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable about your chosen course of action.


There will be a charge of £40 for your consultation and £40 for your 2D x-ray (£95 for the 3D x-ray image). Your x-ray will be your property and we would be happy to release the image to you on a disk if you decide to seek a second opinion from an alternative practice.

You will receive a detailed written treatment plan in days.

The Open Day Consultation (FREE)

We have regular open days held a few times during the year. These are fully open to the public and we provide a consultation completely free of charge on these days. You may be required to pay for x-rays but the consultation is free.

You will need to book ahead of time to secure a consultation on an open day. The length of the consultation may be approximately 20 minutes. During this time you will be given a summary of your current oral condition, as well as an indication of any works or treatments that may be required.

You will receive a written treatment plan in 7-14 days.

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