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Ms Robyn L

From start to finish, I was impressed with the service. All the dentists I had were professional and kind when carrying out the procedure.

At the beginning, everything was explained thoroughly and I had X-Rays and CTs to ensure my bone was strong enough to have the dental implants.…

Karen Mackintosh

"In talking to others about their implant experiences I am thankful I chose the specialists I did. Not only was my treatment less than half the cost of theirs but I know that I have been attended by the experts in the field who, after all, lecture on the subject at international seminars…

Mandy Paulse

"Implant is the best decision I made"

How did you come to the initial decision to have dental

I had a crown which kept coming out and eventually there was
not enough original tooth left for the crown to fit onto,
this then led me to the decision to get a dental implant as
the gap…