Cosmetic dentistry prices

Dental Implant Assessment and Consultation

Regular Consultation 30-40 mins consultation with dentist
Comprehensive Consultation on request - 60 mins consultation - recommended to comlex treatments
2D X-Ray required on the day of consultation £50
CT Scan (3D X-Ray) required before specific treatment types £100
Intra Oral X-Ray
required before specific treatment types


Dental Crowns / Bridge units

Standard Restorations
Crown - Porcelain bonded (PFM) to natural tooth (Available as part in special offer) £350
Bridge unit - Porcelain bonded (PFM) to natural tooth (Available in special offer) £395
Gold Crown or Bridge unit (2g gold) £495
Long Term Temporary Crown unit inc 3 months warranty £ 150

Long Term Temporary Denture with Crown units of 2-4 / 5-8 / 9-12 / 13+ £ 175 / 200 / 250 / 300

Short Term (in surgery) Temporary single crown units of 1-3 / 4-6 / 7+ £ 80 / 120 / 150
Premium Aesthetic Restorations
Crown / Bridge unit - Full Porcelain (Metal free) £450
Crown / Bridge unit - 'Brilliant White' Zirconia £450
Crown / Bridge unit - Digitally milled Cercon or Procera £590
Precision Impression for natural teeth (any number of teeth) £50


Standard composite veneer not available
Premium Aesthetic prorcelain veneer £450
Premium Aesthetic prorcelain veneer, 4+ units

Premium Aesthetic 'Brilliant White' high strength zirconia


Smile Makeover (8 porcelain veneers) (Available in Special offer £2995) £2,995
Smile Makeover (16 porcelain veneers) (Available in Special offer £5995) £5.990


Temporary Denture - Partial or full £300
Removable Traditional Denture / full upper or lower £800
Removable Metal Denture / full upper or lower £1000
Precision attachment partial metal denture £1,595
Standard Implant supported full denture - (4 ball type attachment) £2,780
Premium Implant supported full denture - (4 bar type attachment) £3,580

Teeth Whitening

Standard LED Teeth Whitening - in office £250
Premium LED ZOOM Advanced Teeth Whitening - in office £395
Premium ZOOM Advanced Home Teeth whitening kit £495
Smile Makeover

Pain Relief - Anaesthesia

Sedationist Specialist Administered Intravenous Sedation (first hour £300) £240 / hour
NHS Anaesthetist Consultant Admin. Intr. Sedation (min 2 hours, first hour £200) £180 / hour
Local Anaesthesia Free
Medication Free

Treatment Maintenance

AFter Care Package - worth £435 per year from £19/month
Prosthetic Treatment Warranty Plan from £11/month

Free Cosmetic Dentistry Related Services

Free Crown Bridge and Veneer Related Services
Removal of old crown or bridge unit(s) Free
Preparation Free
Antagonist Impression Free
Medication Free
Surgery Fee Free - Included in price
Final Fitting Free - Included in price

Other Charges

Standing Fee / Standby Fee for missed appointments, per hour

Emergency appointment surcharge £150

You cannot put a price on having a wonderful smile. Consider this – if two people approach you and one is smiling while the other is not, which individual would you naturally head towards? A great smile is worth more than we sometimes give it credit for.

Of course a significant part of any smile is the teeth. Those with healthy, white, straight and attractive teeth will feel no hesitation in smiling. However if you have crooked, uneven, missing or yellowing teeth, it is understandable that you would feel self-conscious and less able to smile without feeling embarrassed.

Fortunately, the world of cosmetic dentistry means no one has to live with poor teeth any longer. The advance of technology in dentistry has led to many cosmetic procedures becoming accessible to patients who require them. From teeth whitening to veneers, invisible braces to a dental bridge – patients can consult cosmetic dentists and discuss the many solutions that can bring them the smile they desire.

Investing in cosmetic dentistry procedures

Many people automatically assume cosmetic dentistry will be overly expensive and unaffordable. However, if you visit Dent1st in Harley Street London, you can explore the realms of cosmetic dentistry and consider the different treatments that are available to all.

The amount charged for cosmetic dental treatments will vary depending on the specific treatment chosen and how complex it is. Many procedures are affordable and accessible once you discuss your needs and requirements with your dentist. It is proper to explore all options rather than assuming you will require a loan or dip into your savings. We can assist with this. We are also proud to offer our best price promise on a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. This promise also applies to our dental implant procedures.

What are the most frequently undertaken cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Dent1st offers a complete range of affordable and accessible cosmetic dentistry procedures. These include the following:

  • LED teeth whitening
  • Aesthetic dentures
  • Veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Clear braces
  • Invisible braces
  • Tooth contouring and reshaping

We are also proud to provide a free assessment if you are considering choosing one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments. Please contact the surgery today and enquire about a free assessment so we can determine your best options.

Don’t neglect your smile or assume there is little hope for regaining that confidence. Our team of experienced cosmetic dentists can create the smile you have always wanted. You merely have to take the first step in contacting us to explore the options.