Discounts and savings

At the Dent1st Dental Practice in Harley Street, we regularly provide discounts and special deals on a number of services. Many patients ask why we do this.

We realise that investing in your dental health is a long term investment. We know that if you make the effort to look after your dental health you expect to get the best quality service for your money. Your efforts should be recognised as such. We are happy for you to recommend our services to others, and if you do so we are more than happy to reward you for your efforts.

Please take a moment to consider our offers and do make sure you return to look for new ones in the future too. Many offers are currently available and we are also running a number of special deals.


Spouse Discount

  • A universal 10% discount is offered for you and your spouse if you commence treatment in the same month and the combined spending is above £6,000

Dent1st Community Members Discount

  • A 5% discount is available if you join our community and recommend our services casually or regularly. You will also enjoy the benefits of being a member of our community

Free Dental Implant

  • We run a charity fund and occasionally offer free dental implant treatments for those who cannot afford even our low prices. If you are interested and wish to know more, please take a look at our dedicated FREE DENTAL IMPLANT webpage here.

Please note – these deals cannot be combined with each other or alternatively with other low cost offers. Unfortunately these deals are not valid in association with finance deals. If you wish to take a finance deal the full cash price must be paid. If you opt to take advantage of a discount you must not miss any of your appointments.