Dental Implant prices

Dental Implant Assessment and Consultation

Non-Clinical Consultation
A 15-20 mins conversation with the dentist. No examination, no treatment plan available.
Second Opinion Consultation You must present a valid, written treatment plan from an identifiable other practice.
Regular Consultation 40 mins consultation with dentist
Implant Consultation on request - 45-60 mins consultation - recommended to implant patients
2D X-Ray required on the day of consultation £40
CT Scan (3D X-Ray) required before implant treatment
includes £100 discount
Spec. Implant Consultation + 2D & 3D X-Rays Upfront only - Recommended to implant patients inc. unlimited X-Rays and CT Scans
save over 70%

Dental Implant fixtures (implant fixture only)

Implant fixtures are recommended according to bone conditions. Implants are specifically inserted for optimal retention and stability.

Please note that for a compete tooth replacement you will need one implant fixture, one implant abutment, one crown.

Standard Dental Implants *Full Arch - 4+ implants (Avail. as part in special offer) £645 - after discount
Alpha Bio - DFI
Standard Dental Implants * single (Available as part in special offer) £750
Alpha Bio - DFI

Advanced Dental Implants (Available as part in special offer) £850
Alpha Bio Tec - Spiral / ICE - BEST BUY
Alpha Bio Tec - Neo

MIS - C1
Premium Dental Implants (Available as part in special offer) £1050
Zimmer Biomet - TSV
Nobel - Active
Nobel - Branemark
Dentsply - Ankylos
Straumann - Roxolid SLA (not SLActive)
Premium Quick Healing Dental Implant (Available as part in special offer) £1195
Straumann - Roxolid SLActive
METAL-FREE Zirconia Dental Implant (Available as part in special offer) £1395
Cera Root
Sinus Lift Dental Implant (Available as part in special offer) £850
Maxillent - iRaise (not available without iRaise sinus lift)
NEW - Trabecular Metal Dental Implant (Available as part in special offer) £1295
Zimmer - Trabecular metal implant

Dental Implant abutments

Implant abutments are the second part in an implant treatment and they act as connectors between the implant and the third part, which is the denture or crown. They are specifically selected according to aesthetic needs and for proper chewing function.

Standard titanium implant abutments £350
Premium Aesthetic 'Brilliant White' zirconia implant abutments £450
Premium Aesthetic Straumann SLActive zirconia abutments £450
Healing abutment fitting (1 / 2-4 / 5-7 / 8+ units) and Full Check up with X-Ray £60 / £90 / £120 /£150
Precision Implant Impression inc. analogs & transfers. (1-3 / 4+ units) £90 / £150

Dental bridge

Dental Implant Crown / Bridge Units

A dental crown is a type of cap that covers the visible tooth and is cemented into place to provide a permanent fixture. An implant crown covers the implant abutment completing a tooth restoration. They are specifically chosen according to aesthetic needs and for high durability.

Standard Implant Crown - Porcelain fused to metal (Available as part in special offer) £395
Standard Implant Bridge - Porcelain fused to metal (Available as part in special offer) £395
In Special offer only - Dental implant bridge supplement £40
Premium Implant Crown - Aesthetic 'Brilliant White' zirconia £450
Premium Implant Bridge - Aesthetic 'Brilliant White' zirconia £450

Gum Management

Long term temporary implant crown on plastic abutment £300
Gum Management appoinment fee £80

Bone Treatments

Ridge adjustment £295
Bone Grafting with artificial bone / membrane £450
Sinus Lift / Sinus Elevation surgery £495
Sinus Lift average material costs £480
iRaise - Sinus Lift procedure cost (used with iRaise dental implant together) £975
Sinus Minor Augmentation (no membrane or artificial bone)

Membrane unit £200
Artificial Bone unit

Bene replacement from jawbone £1195
Bone Block surgery + materials £1395

Pain Relief - Anaesthesia

Sedationist Specialist Administered Intravenous Sedation (first hour £300) £240 / hour
NHS Anaesthetist Consultant Admin. Intr. Sedation (min 2 hours, first hour £200) £175 / hour
Local Anaesthesia Free
Medication Free

Implant Maintenance & Warranty Plans

Implant Warranty Plan - provides free dental implant & abutment replacement £13.95 / month
Implant Crown Warranty Plan - provides free implant crown replacement

£9.95/ month
Implant maintenance plans providing consultations / X-Rays / Hygiene sessions from £7.90/ month

Inclusive Implant Treatment Related Services

Implant Liberation Inclusive
Removal of Stitches Inclusive

Disposable Protective Special Equipment Inclusive
Medication Inclusive
Surgery Fee Free - Included in Dental Implant Price
Final Implant Crown Fitting Free - Included in Dental Implant Price

Other Charges

Standing Fee / Standby Fee for missed appointments, per hour £120
CT Release admin fee (without any treatment) £100
Emergency appointment surcharge £150
Chair fee / half hour (extra time otherwise not defined. e.g. further consultation) £60
Annual Check-up - without subscription (Inc 2D X-Rays, 3D CT, Consultation, Plan) £120
Annual Check-up - with subscription (Inc 2D X-Rays, 3D CT, Consultation, Plan) £75

The Dent1st dental practice in London specialize in high quality dental implant and aesthetic cosmetic dental treatments. Prices for these treatments are kept at a moderate level.

We are committed to maintaining the best possible service while also sustaining reasonable prices for our patients. This is why we operate a best price promise, which you can read more about here.

We may not be the cheapest practice. However we offer high quality and durable treatments and we have an exceptionally low failure rate. Thus, your long term treatment and maintenance costs will indeed be among the cheapest and most cost effective you will find.

Dental implant prices

The Dent1st practice in London has been providing high quality and reasonably priced dental implants for several years. We are proud to have a sophisticated team of dental surgeons, each of whom has undergone years of intensive training to reach the level required of all expert dental implant surgeons.

We are proud to offer dental implants at the low price of £995. Please see below for details of what is included in the £995 cheap dental implant deal.

Our dental implants cost includes the following items:

  • The dental implant
  • A titanium abutment
  • The porcelain crown to finish

Additionally we provide an initial assessment free of charge. During this consultation we may perform a panoramic x-ray to allow us to fully ascertain the condition of your teeth. You are most welcome to take this x-ray with you if required.

If you elect to go ahead with treatment and a CT scan is required, this is not included in the £995 dental implant price and requires a separate payment of £95. The following items, if required, will also be charged separately:

  • Sedation
  • Bone grafting
  • Temporary dentures
  • Temporary crowns

Each case is treated on an individual basis; thus some patients will require one or more of the above items while others may not. You can discuss your individual situation with your dentist during your free initial consultation when opting for the £995 dental implant deal.

Dental implant prices – more accessible than ever

More and more patients are opting for dental implants than ever before. This is due to reduced and more competitive prices and easier access to professionally trained dentists specialising in dental implants.

Our clinic now performs more dental implants than ever before. Dr Attila Toth completed over 1,000 implants in 2011 alone. More than 95% of dental implants meet with resounding success, providing a practical, common sense and attractive option for replacing missing teeth.

Related dental implants

Advanced Dental Implant with Crown (with Aftercare)

Alpha Bio Spiral / ICE dental implant

10 years treatment warranty 99 years implant warranty Upgradable to superior aesthetic zirconia abutment and zirconia crown for £250 (recommended to front teeth) 0% APR…
Special price: £1,295

Regular Dental Implant & Crown (Smile Makeover)


99 years implant warranty Upgradable to superior aesthetic zirconia abutment and zirconia crown for £250 (recommended to front teeth) Available in Smile Makeovers 0% APR…
Special price: £995