Recruitment - Available positions

Recruitment – Available Positions

Here at Dent1st, we believe a strong team and good co-operation between the team members are the keys to creating a successful organisation. We focus a high degree of attention on the professional development of our colleagues, the internal affairs within the practice and also the morale of our staff.

Information for dental professionals

We are pleased to announce that we constantly and consistently focus on using new working techniques wherever possible. We also support new technologies as they emerge. We provide the highest degree of care for our patients by using the newest and most advanced equipment. Furthermore, we encourage you to play a role in the company’s continued development.

Our driving force is our success rate – and we measure it in smiles.

Information for future employees

If you would like to be a future employee with our company, you may wish to know we hold a great respect for the people with whom we work. Our management team aim to take care of your career by introducing you to a wide range of challenges and tasks. Together we will discover how best to follow your career path and how to make the most of your personal capabilities.

What do we seek in new members of staff?

When we recruit new members of staff we look for professionalism, good character and commitment. We prefer those people who are able and willing to work in a wide variety of different areas. As such you may be required to work in a number of different positions, so you are able to understand and identify with your colleagues’ working practices on a daily basis. This helps to encourage proper team work, both now and in the future.

If you would like to study a subject that will benefit your work you are most welcome to do so. We will support you through flexible working hours to accommodate such studies. We may also be able to provide funds to invest in the most appropriate courses and study paths.

We certainly like enjoying ourselves and regularly get together after a long hard day to enjoy socialising together – perhaps with a cold beer or a nice glass of rosé wine. We believe this helps foster stronger and better team work every day of the week.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please check the list of available vacancies below.

  • Dental Nurse (general) + radiation certificate
  • Dental Nurse (implant and oral surgery) + radiation certificate
  • Treatment Coordinator / Practice supervisor
  • Customer Service officer / Sales advisor
  • Marketing assistant / Customer Service officer
  • Part time programmer / web developer / SEO expert

We also occasionally offer training positions in these roles. If you are interested in finding out more about our work experience programs, please forward your CV for consideration.

Dental Practice Manager / Treatment Co-ordinator

Dental Practice Manager / Treatment Co-ordinator

Are you a dental nurse that wants to develop further professionally? Are you a practice manager / supervisor that wants to work at Harley Street, at a reputable, market leader implant specialist practice? An excellent opportunity has arisen to become a part of our dedicated an expert team.
Cosmetic Dentist with Private and Implant Prosthetic experience

Cosmetic Dentist with Private and Implant Prosthetic experience

Cosmetic Dentist with Private Prosthetic experience – London, Harley Street. Dent1st is a Cosmetic Implant Centre located on Harley Street, London. We are a private cosmetic dental practice specialising in implant dentistry, placing over one thousand implants per year.
Dental Nurse

Dental Nurse