Prices for General Dentistry

Price Table

Dental Implant Assessment and Consultation

Regular Consultation 30 mins consultation with dentist
Comprehensive Consultation on request - 45 mins consultation - recommended to cosmetic treatments
2D X-Ray required on the day of consultation £40
CT Scan (3D X-Ray) required before specific treatment types £90
Intra Oral X-Ray
required before specific treatment types



Regular Extraction £50
Extraction - at implant site with bone preservation £70
Surgical Extraction - (3D X-Ray may be necessary) £145
Wisdom Tooth Extraction - (3D X-Ray may be necessary) £195

Root Canal Treatments - Endodontics

Tooth with one root £299
Tooth with two roots £350
Tooth with three roots £400
Tooth with four roots £450
Re-Root Canal - Surcharge per treatment £100


Tooth Coloured filling £220
Porcelain Inlay or Onlay £350
Tooth core build - up £150

Prevention (essential with some treatments)

Professional Dental Hygiene Treatment - Half Session £50
Professional Dental Hygiene Treatment - Full Session £90
Nigh Guard £195

Pain Relief - Anaesthesia

Sedationist Specialist Administered Intravenous Sedation (first hour £300) £240 / hour
NHS Anaesthetist Consultant Admin. Intr. Sedation (min 2 hours, first hour £200) £175 / hour
Local Anaesthesia Free
Medication Free

Treatment Maintenance

Standard Care Package - worth £435 per year £19 / month
Top Care Package - worth £735 per year £29 / month

Other Charges

Standing Fee / Standby Fee for missed appointments, per hour

Emergency appointment surcharge £150

Common dental procedures undertaken

The team at Dent1st dental practice provide everyday dental care and carry out dental procedures considered general or common as standard. Our dental surgery provides these services even though we specialise in complex dental implant treatments and advanced cosmetic dental procedures.

We have a dedicated dental team who support our dental implant and cosmetic dentist team. They perform all those smaller but still highly important procedures without which we would not be able to complete and restore beautiful new smiles. These include general dental care, check-ups and hygienist whitening services.

Emergency treatment

Our policy is to save a tooth if we can possibly do so. For this very reason we have a dedicated team carrying out root canal treatments. While we do not normally provide emergency dental services due to our working methods, we may be able to book you in within 24 hours if you require an emergency filling or extraction appointment. Please contact us and enquire about the possibility of seeing an emergency dentist.

The best quality services at the best and most reasonable prices

It is our goal to provide moderate and reasonable fees in all treatment types, and to keep our general dental costs on a level where we can provide the most outstanding quality at the best possible price.