Affordable - Low cost dentistry

Dentistry is known to be very expensive. We work exceptionally hard to keep our prices as low as possible and since 2005 we have developed a dedicated history of doing just this. We continually ensure our treatments are affordable and our average price for any individual treatment is always a minimum of 20-30% lower than the average price in the UK. Furthermore, we are often able to offer up to 50% savings when compared to average UK treatment fees.

How do we do this? You are most welcome to read more about our history here.


Why were dental treatments traditionally expensive in the UK?

There were several reasons for this. Firstly there was a shortage of dentists and a limit on what the NHS could or was willing to provide. Secondly international suppliers were raising the prices on products sold to the UK. These products were available on the continent at significantly lower prices.

However in recent years a number of changes occurred locally and globally that were to change everything for dental patients in the UK:

  1. The shortage of dentists and dental professionals in the UK has been recognised. This has led to more in depth and more attractive dental education courses. Today we see far more young and talented dentists completing their degrees than we saw a few years ago.
  2. The expansion of the EU has led to further dentists arriving in the UK from various parts of the continent. Today, there is a significant number of Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish and Hungarian dentists working in the UK.
  3. The credit crunch has sped up the decrease of prices as UK dentistry was transformed into a buyer’s market.
  4. Suppliers were pushed to reconsider their prices and lower their margins. Many Chinese, American and Asian companies have been at the forefront of lowering the fees they charge to dentists.
  5. More and more people are becoming more health conscious, making dentistry even more economical as more patients are seen on a regular basis.

The team at Dent1st are taking advantages of these international trends while simultaneously increasing our effectiveness. We employ an international and highly dedicated team while transferring most of our savings to our clients.