A Step by Step Guide to Our Complete Dental Service

Many people understand that a dental service is highly complex – and rightly so. However this fact should not deter you from the requirement to look after your teeth and resolve your dental issues.

We encourage you to read through our list on how we work and what we will do when you come to see us for any treatment or procedure. This will lead you to understand how we co-operate with each other during each stage.

The whole procedure can be broken down into three main steps. These are as follows:

Each step consists of a number of phases we will go through. These are listed below for your convenience.

It is important to mention that your full co-operation is required at every step. We would like to point out that a dental appointment is not the same as a hair appointment or a visit to your local store. Time and effort must be spent on completing each step appropriately. We can only achieve an outstanding treatment experience with your full co-operation at each and every step.

If you read the list below you will understand and recognise what is expected of you at each step.

STEP 1: Planning

  • Initial contact
  • General information and initial treatment guide
  • Consultation – determining general and specific needs
  • Treatment planning
  • Optional second consultation
  • Treatment plan discussion and modifications
  • Discussion of finance options
  • Accepting treatment plan

STEP 2: Treatment

  • Preparing for treatment
  • Allocating time and arranging appointments
  • Arranging finance options
  • Carrying out treatment phases
  • Continuous monitoring and check-ups
  • Preparing for end of treatment
  • Finishing treatment

STEP 3: After Care

  • Filling in feedback form
  • Giving references / testimonials
  • Discussing after care instructions
  • Arranging after care appointments
  • Attending after care appointments
  • Avoiding the need for further treatments