Terms and Conditions

  • Subject to diagnostic results
  • 3D X-Ray image may be required
  • Treatment candidates have to follow pre-opreations instructions
  • Treatment time do vary
  • If paid by finance, credit must be approved prior to treatement
  • Finance arrangement fee applies
  • No refunds. If implant fails guarantee covers re-implantation for free
  • If unsuitable for re-implantation alternative solution is offered in the value of original treatment
  • Crown restoration can be upgraded up until impression taking
  • Previous success rate does not guarantee future treatment success
  • Guarantee terms apply
  • Offer can be withdrawn at any time with no explanation

Complaints handling policy



46 Harley Street





Code of practice for patient complaints



In this practice we take complaints very seriously and try to ensure that all our patients are pleased with their experience of our service.  When patients complain, they are dealt with courteously and promptly so that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.  This procedure is based on these objectives.


Our aim is to react to complaints in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled.  We learn from every mistake that we make and we respond to customers’ concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

  1. The person responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service that we provide is Mr Gabor Pokoradi, our Complaints Manager.
  2. If a patient complains on the telephone or at the reception desk, we will listen to their complaint and offer to refer him or her to the Complaints Manager immediately. If the Complaints Manager is not available at the time, then the patient will be told when they will be able to talk to the dentist or manager and arrangements will be made for this to happen. The member of staff will take brief details of the complaint and pass them on. If we cannot arrange this within a reasonable period or if the patient does not wish to wait to discuss the matter, arrangements will be made for someone else to deal with it.
  3. If the patient complains in writing in an email the information will be passed on immediately to the Complaints Manager. The email address is available: helpline (at) dent1st (dot) co (dot) uk
  4. If a complaint is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges it will normally be referred to the dentist, unless the patient does not want this to happen.
  5. We will acknowledge the patient’s complaint in writing and enclose a copy of this code of practice as soon as possible, normally within five working days.
  6. We will seek to investigate the complaint within, ten working days in case of a general dental treatment related complaint and twenty working days of dental implant treatment related complaint of receipt to give an explanation of the circumstances which led to the complaint.
  7. If the patient does not wish to meet us, then we will attempt to talk to them on the telephone. If we are unable to investigate the complaint within ten to twenty working days we will notify the patient, giving reasons for the delay and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed.
  8. Please note: dental implant and bone augmentation related complaints may take many weeks to investigate due to their complex nature. In some cases advice from multiple experts and further diagnostics appointments may be required. A full investigation, including obtaining expert advice may take as long as three months. Thank you for your patience.
  9. We will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing immediately after completing our investigation.
  10. Proper and comprehensive records are kept of any complaint received.
  11. If patients are not satisfied with the result of our procedure then a complaint may be made to:
  • Dental Complaints Service, Stephenson House, 2 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon CR0 6BA (Telephone: 08456 120 540) for complaints about private treatment

The Dental Complaint Service’s job is to mediate between dentists and patients. If you are unsatisfied with the information / explanation / solution we offered to you complaint, please contact the Dental Complaint Service for further advice and help.

Regulatory body for professional misconduct

  • The General Dental Council, 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1M 8DQ (Telephone: 0845 222 4141)

The GDC deals with only professional misconduct. They do not deal with general complaints. You may contact the GDC if you have injured or neglected by your dental treatment provider.

Please be assured that our aim is to react to complaints in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled.  We learn from every mistake that we make and we respond to customers’ concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

 If you feel you have to make a complaint please call:

 020 7424 8886

 Or email

helpline (at) dent1st (dot) co (dot) uk