I thought that it was worth it not only to mention, but to spend some time with explaining what cosmetic dentures exactly are. This might not be the cheapest solution for tooth repair, or replacing teeth, but have definitely some advantages when it comes to cost. The dentures vs. implants war is definitely won by dentures when it comes to costs, however they are nothing like as convenient as care-free implants.

So back to the facts now .dentures-in-a-glass

What is a denture?

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth, resembling natural gum tissue and teeth, also known as false teeth. With dentures a new smile can be achieved for people with missing teeth, giving them extended self-confidence.

What types of dentures are available?

You can have different kind of dentures, fixed dentures or removable dentures that can be a full- or partial denture, depending on your very own needs.

  • Full- or complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing.
  • Partial dentures are very useful to prevent other teeth from shifting position, as they only fill in the spaces between two missing teeth and by this, stably keeping them apart.partial-dentures

Normally, it takes about 8 to 12 weeks (some dentists recommend even longer time) to be able to place them after your gum tissue has healed.

If you choose to or need to have complete dentures, and hate to wait, you can have immediate dentures. These are inserted on the very same day, after the tooth/teeth extraction happened. Having something to put on the still-beading gum, might feel awkward for a lot of people, but the denture in this case, acts like a protection for the tissues, and it can even reduce bleeding – which always is an advantage. Besides, you’ll never have to appear in public without teeth!!!immediate-dentures

When your denture becomes loose during the healing process, it might need some re-fitting by your dentist. When the healing process is over, your permanent denture is made and you can keep your immediate denture as a spare one, in case you’d damage or lose your permanent one.

There is a another solution available, mostly for greater stability. It is called the implant dentures. These implant supported dentures (either removable or implant fix denture) are tightly attached to the jaws with the use of dental implants.

What is a denture made of?

Cosmetic dentures can be fabricated by variety of materials and shades. They use acrylic resin, porcelain resin or composite resin with metal or plastic wearers. Metal dentures tend to be more durable, while chrome dentures allow you to have a smaller denture in your mouth.

There is a very comfortable solution available out there, which gives you the opportunity to avoid painful rubbing against your gums. It is called flexible dentures, and right now they have one of the highest comfort levels of any dentures available. Their secret is the flexible resin coating on the outer layer of the denture base, and the fact that they are so light and thin, that you hardly feel like you are wearing them.felxible-dentures

Denture care

In order to keep your removable dentures in place all day long, you’ll need to find something to fix them to your gum and palate with. The range of available dental fixatives is very wide, you can choose between lots of different brands, in either gel or powder format.denture-fixatives

In case you break or damage your denture, you must find a dental lab that does denture repairs. You must always count on an approx. cost of £60 per denture repair. Some companies offer a same-day-service, which includes examination, repair (they bond the parts together with acrylic), and shipping back to you on the very same day.

It is very important to note that attempting to repair dentures yourself with do-it-yourself denture repair kits will most likely damage your denture. Leave it to the professionals, will you!

Denture prices

The cost of dentures can pretty much vary between people, depending on their individual needs. The very best thing is to consult a cosmetic dentist you trust, but you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion and price if you consider the costs being not reasonable.