Quick Healing Trabecular Metal Dental Implant

Quick Healing Trabecular Metal Dental Implant

NEW - The most advanced dental implant to date*

Regular fee
implant (£1295/each) £1295
abutment (£350/each) £350
porcelain crown (£395/each) £395
Total £2040
Special price:£1,695
  • 15 yrs Warranty Plan avail
  • Fast treatment / total of 6-10 wks
  • THE ONLY IMPLANT WITH Osseoincorporation
  • Bone grows inside the implant
  • Lifetime Manufactuer's implant warranty
  • Upgradable to superior aesthetic zirconia crow for £250
  • Pay by DD or 0% Finance

First in the UK - A game changer implant technology

Introducing the Revolutionary New Trabecular Dental Implant from Zimmer

The Best Thing Next to Bone®

Zimmer Dental Inc., a leading provider of dental oral rehabilitation products and a subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings, Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of the revolutionaryZimmer®Trabecular MetalTM Dental Implant in the U.S. and select global markets. The Trabecular Metal Dental Implant adds dimension to implant dentistry and is The Best Thing Next to Bone®.

TheTrabecular MetalDental Implant features an osteoconductive mid-section that is structurally similar to cancellous bone. Portions of the implant also utilize Zimmer Dental’sMTX®microtextured surface, which has been documented to achieve high levels of bone-to-implant contact.

Human studies of theTrabecular MetalDental Implant started in 2010. In a study ofTrabecular MetalDental Implants in canine mandibular models, evidence of ingrowth by maturing bone was documented as early as two weeks after implantation. Further data is being collected to document clinical results in human dental applications.

Manufactured at Zimmer’s TMT facility in Parsippany, NJ, and used in the Zimmer’s cutting-edge orthopaedic devices for more than a decade,Trabecular MetalMaterial is a three-dimensional, highly biocompatible material—not an implant surface or coating—with up to 80 percent porosity and a structure comparable to cancellous bone. Made from tantalum, element number 73 in the periodic table,Trabecular Metalmaterial is fabricated utilizing a proprietary vapor deposition process.

Combining the popular features of theTapered Screw-Vent®Implant (includingPlatform PlusTMTechnology and crestal options) with the unique properties ofTrabecular MetalMaterial, theTrabecular MetalDental Implant is compatible with theTapered Screw-VentSurgical Kit and prosthetics for easy incorporation into treatment plans.

For decades, Zimmer Dental has gained the trust of thousands of clinicians worldwide who count on its comprehensive line of products to deliver successful patient outcomes. By looking to new and innovative technologies and leveraging its relationship with its parent company, Zimmer Holdings, Zimmer Dental continues to reinforce its commitment to offering state-of-the-art dental solutions to clinicians.


  • Traditinal TSV type tapered implant
  • Achieves good primary stability

  • Trabecular metal middle section
  • - highly bio-compatible tantalum
  • - corrosion resistant
  • - has up to 80% porosity
  • - natural bone like mechanical features
  • - natural bone like 3D structure
  • Platform Plus technology
  • MTX Microtextured Surface
  • Easy and stable implant placement

  • Suitable for all procedures
  • Suitable for all bone types

Clinical Benefits

  • Osseoincorporation
  • Superior secondary stability
  • Quick healing - early loading
  • Fast treatment

Trabeculal Metal Dental Implant Video

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Trabeculal Metal Technology Video

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Treatment Main Features

Main parts

  • Revolutionally new trabecular dental implant from Zimmer
  • Titanium metal final abutment
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown restoration
  • up to 15 years treatment guarantee with regular check ups / care plans. Covers new implant and abutment.
  • 99 years implant and abutment structural / mechanical failure warranty as standard
  • Initial Osseo-Integration warranty as standard
Treatment time
  • Expected healing time after implantation is 2-3 months only
  • Total treatment time is 3-4 months only or more if bone adjustment is needed
Success Rate
  • Expected implant-bone fusion (Osseoincorporation) success rate over 99%
  • Expected implant mechanical failure rate is less than 1/10000
  • Dent1st’s historical success rate no data

Upgradable to

Aesthetic Crown Restoration – recommended to front teeth
  • Premium Aesthetic and high strength zircon abutment £200
  • PremiumAesthetic and high strength zircon crown for £250
  • Aesthetic restoration carries 1 year warranty
'No-matter-what' treatment guarantee £9.90 / month or £99 per year
  • Pays for a repeated treatment in full does not matter is the reason. Covers you in cases even when repeated treatment is needed for your own mistake. Inclusive of regular newsletters and maintenance notes.

Regular treatment includes

Zimmer Trabecular dental implant, surgery fee, surgeon fee, local anaesthetics, aftercare medication, protective equipment, temporary abutment, soft tissue management, healing abutment, impression taking, impression abutments, impression trays, final titanium abutments, final abutment customizing, final crown restoration as above, general and cosmetic dentists fee, final fitting. No hidden charges.

Regular treatment excludes

Extractions, bone treatments, temporary restorations

Treatment General Terms and Conditions

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