Super High Strength Crown Materials

IPS Empress

IPS Empress is an alternative to metallic restorations. IPS Empress is an all-ceramic crown system that is strong and durable and provides a natural looking aesthetic. The ceramics used in IPS Empress re-establish the natural shape and contours of the tooth and provide a functional, strong and naturally coloured restoration that looks just like normal tooth tissue.

Using IPS Empress, a dentist can provide tooth restorations that are exact in shape and colour as natural teeth, and fit perfectly in the mouth. These restorations will also have all the natural characteristics of a real tooth. The IPS Empress system can be used to manufacture crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays. IPS Empress is one of the strongest and most natural looking all-ceramic tooth restorations available.


IPS Empress restorations are first modelled in wax. This model is used to make a mould into which the special formulated Empress investment is pressed. The Empress investment is glass based but contains latent nucleating agents that, after several processes, produce crystals known as leucites. These only measure a few microns across but create a product of leucite-reinforced ceramic powder, which is extremely strong and natural looking. This material is pressed into ingots and sintered (heated). The final restoration is then finished using staining and layering techniques to provide the correct aesthetics and anatomical specification.

Just as with other all-ceramic restorations, a conventional metallic post and core can’t be used to hold the Empress restoration in place as the natural translucent nature of the ceramic could reveal a shadow. Instead, a ceramic metal is used to fabricate the post and core, which is fired so that it becomes opaque, providing an aesthetically pleasing result.

If a patient requires several restorations, the same colour is used for all preparations and substrates. To ensure the glass ceramics have the necessary strength, they are coated using a special technique and the very latest dental adhesive. This adhesive has to be chosen carefully, to ensure it does not affect the overall aesthetics of the ceramic restorations.

The highly innovative technology provided by IPS Empress is creating the very best in naturally looking restorations, and the high quality of the ceramic ingots ensures that every restoration has the exact same physical values

Advantages of IPS Empress

IPS empress restorations are the most natural looking available and blend perfectly with natural teeth. They can also integrate perfectly with surrounding teeth providing a natural bite and smile. IPS Empress crowns, veneers and inlays are also very strong, thanks to new thermoplastic processing, which provide long-lasting restorations that patients can rely on. The ceramic material is also biocompatible, so won’t cause problems in the mouth, such as gingivitis. They also wear naturally, just like real teeth, so will age at the same time as the rest of the teeth.

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