Pay Monthly Dental Treatment - No Credit or Loan Needed

23.09.2016 Friday

Need treatment but you don't want to take out a credit card loan or borrow somewhere else? Dent1st - Harley Street Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implant Centre is the first specialist dental clinic in the UK that is offering credit and interest free payment plans for its high value and cutting edge surgical procedures.

Currently, there are three main methods you normally pay for your high value dental treaments.

  • Pay in advance - this normally earns you some level of discount
  • Pay As You Go - you normally would not qualify for a discount. There are only a few instalments and some of them are much higher then others, not ideal for spreading costs.

  • Finance - you apply for a finance deal using a third party loan provider. This involves credit checks and will show up on your credit history. On longer deals you also pay interest.

We understand that there are many people that would prefer to pay in fixed amounts of instalments, but would not want to apply for a loan or further complicate their credit histroy.

For this reason we worked out a system that on one hand ensures continopus treatment delivery, on the other hand enables the patient to pay in equal instalemts without applying for any sort of loan.

Here are the two options you have.

- Treatment Payment Plan with immediate start

- Treatment Payment Plan with deferred start