Pure Ceramic Dental Implant from Straumann

26.11.2015 Thursday

Straumann's new Pure Ceramic Dental Implant is now available at our Harley Street practice

The Straumann®PURE Ceramic Implant is made from high-strength ceramic material and designed to achieve maximum functional and esthetic performance. The implant has the color of a natural tooth so does not shimmer through in the cases of thin or recessed gums. This allows patients to have a natural-looking and esthetically pleasing outcome.

Proven Straumann properties

This ceramic implant offers all the benefits that characterize a member of the renowned Straumann®Dental Implant System:

  • Reliability
  • High strength

  • Excellent bone integration

Researched and manufactured according to the highest standards:

  • The Straumann®PURE Ceramic Implant underwent rigorous scientific research before its introduction to the market
  • Every single Straumann®PURE Ceramic Implant is tested mechanically before it is delivered to the dentist

These are the standards you can expect from one of the most renowned and experienced companies in the field of dental implantology.

Struamann's Official Pure website here

Performance Study on the implant system