Sinus Lift Dental Implant with Crown

Sinus Lift Dental Implant with Crown

Maxillent - iRaise dental implant

Regular fee
Implant (£1,300/each) £850
Abutment (£300/each) £350
Porcelain Crown (£395/each) £395
Total £1595
Special price:£1,395
  • 2017 Special Offer
  • 5 yrs Warranty Plan available
  • Fastest sinus lift available
  • Only 30 mins, from start 2 finish
  • No days off needed for recovery
  • No bruising and trauma
  • Lifetime implant warranty
  • Sinus lift charged separately
  • Pay by Direct Debit available
  • 0% APR Finance is available
  • Terms apply

SPECIAL OFFER -Thousands of iRaise tooth implants have been placed worldwide. It is now being launched in the UK, Dent1st being the first dental practice in the country offering it to implant candidates. Our new patients since 2014 will receive a special discount on the treatment and will receive the iRaise sinus implant for the regular implant placement fees. Total of (Implant + abutment + crown will cost only) £1295.

Implant features

Maxillent's iRaise is a tooth implant that enables dentists to perform a minimally invasive sinus lift (sinus floor elevation) treatment procedure without any difficulty and effortlessly.

The iRaise Sinus Lift Implant transforms the sinus lift from a time consuming, technically challenging, very often traumatic surgical intervention to an uncomplicated implantation method. iRaise significantly reduces patients’ pain, discomfort and recovery time, thereby dramatically improving the quality of life for patients requiring a sinus elevation treatment.


  • Proven classical, semi conical-cilindrical shape and "V" threads

  • Accessible, easy-to-learn technique, as opposed to the difficult open sinus lift procedure. Experienced implantologists can perform the iRaise™ procedure with minimal training.
  • Reduces chair time from an average of one to two hours down to thirty minutes, by eliminating or simplifying several surgical steps.
  • Reduce complications and patient follow up due to thesignificantly reduced surgical trauma.
  • Reduces the risk of perforating the Schneiderian membrane, due to the safe elevation method using hydraulic pressure.

Clinical Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces pain and discomfort as compared to the open sinus lift procedure, due to the minimally invasive surgical approach.
  • Eliminates the significant facial swelling and bruising endured in the open sinus lift.
  • Shortens patient’s recuperation time and saves lost work days.

Treatment Main Features

Main parts

  • iRaise Sinis Lift dental implant
  • Most advanced ready-to-use injectable bone graft material (Sinus lift charged separately)

  • Titanium metal final abutment
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown restoration
  • up to 5 years treatment guarantee with regular check ups / care plans. Covers new implant and abutment.
  • 99 years implant and abutment structural / mechanical failure warranty as standard
  • Initial Osseo-Integration warranty as standard
  • Limited treatment guarantee (no warranty on sinus lift procedure)
Treatment time
  • Expected healing time after implantation is 4-6 month

Success Rate
  • Expected implant-bone fusion (osseointegration) success rate is over 95%
  • Expected implant mechanical failure rate is less than 1/1000
  • Expected sinus elevation success rate is over 90%

Upgradable to

Aesthetic Crown Restoration – recommended to front teeth
  • Superior Aesthetic and high strength zircon abutment £100
  • Superior Aesthetic and high strength zircon crown for £150
  • Aesthetic restoration carries 1 year warranty

Regular treatment includes

Maxillent's iRaise dental implant, Maxillent's bone grafting materials, surgery fee, surgeon fee, local anaesthetics, aftercare medication, protective equipment, temporary abutment, soft tissue management, healing abutment, impression taking, impression abutments, impression trays, final titanium abutments, final abutment customizing, final crown restoration as above, general and cosmetic dentists fee, final fitting. No hidden charges.

Regular treatment excludes

Extractions, unrelated bone treatments, temporary restorations, healing abutment fitting, mandatory post healing check up, CT scans or 3D X-Rays

Treatment General Terms and Conditions

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