Single Dental Implant - Surgery only

Single Dental Implant - Surgery only

Nobel Biocare's Alpha Bio

Regular fee
Alpha Bio Dental Implant £895
OPG X-Ray (worth £50) included
3D X-Ray (worth £200) included
Total £895
Special price:£895
  • With Integration Guarantee*
  • Implant Surgery Only
  • Pay for Crown later
  • Inclusive of Panoramic X-Ray
  • Inclusive of 3D CT Scan
  • Placed by Registered Specialist
  • Ideal for local referrals
  • Terms apply

Start your treatment with a discount in July or August!

  • Pay for the rest of the treatment (Crown, Abutment, Crown-fitting, etc) later, in equal installments and by Direct Debit.
  • Or ask our team to refer you back to your local dentist to complete the treatment.

Implant features

The SPI is a conical internal hex implant with a unique combination of design features that enable easy insertion and very high initial stability. The unique shape of the implant body and its variable thread design (double thread 2x2.1 mm) equip it with some exceptional abilities. It is self drilling, self tapping and self condensing, yielding outstanding advantages in all bone types and in compromised situations. The SPI spiral implant is therefore the exceptional solution for immediate placement and immediate loading.


  • Advanced spiral implant

  • Achieves high primary stability
  • Easy and stable implant insertation
  • Ideal for immediate implantation
  • Ideal for immediate loading

  • Ideal for immediate types III and IV

Clinical Benefits

  • Better control during placement
  • Greater initial placement stability
  • Self drilling, self-tapping feature
  • Self condensing
  • Self drilling in line of insertation

Treatment Main Features

Main parts

  • Advanced (progressive design) dental implant
  • Titanium metal final abutment
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown restoration
  • up to 10 years treatment guarantee with regular check ups / care plans. Covers new implant and abutment.

  • 99 years implant and abutment structural / mechanical failure warranty as standard
  • Initial Osseo-Integration warranty as standard
Treatment time
  • Expected healing time after implantation is 4-6 month
  • Total treatment time is 5-7 months or more if bone adjustment is needed
Success Rate
  • Expected implant-bone fusion (osseointegration) success rate is 97-99.5%
  • Expected implant mechanical failure rate is less than 1/1000
  • Dent1st’s historical success rate is over 99%

Upgradable to

Aesthetic Crown Restoration – recommended to front teeth
  • Superior Aesthetic and high strength zircon abutment £100
  • Superior Aesthetic and high strength zircon crown for £150
  • Aesthetic restoration carries 1 year warranty
'No-matter-what' treatment guarantee £9.90 / month or £99 per year
  • Pays for a repeated treatment in full does not matter is the reason. Covers you in cases even when repeated treatment is needed for your own mistake. Inclusive of regular newsletters and maintenance notes.

Regular treatment includes

Alpha Bio Spiral dental implant or similar, surgery fee, surgeon fee, local anaesthetics, aftercare medication, protective equipment, temporary abutment, soft tissue management, healing abutment, impression taking, impression abutments, impression trays, final titanium abutments, final abutment customizing, final crown restoration as above, general and cosmetic dentists fee, final fitting. No hidden charges.

Regular treatment excludes

Extractions, bone treatments, temporary restorations

Treatment General Terms and Conditions

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