At Dent1st, we believe dentistry is a very personal business. We aim to provide professional, high quality treatments and excellent results at all times. But we also ensure the relationship between the dentist and the patient is always one that is built on respect and trust.

For this reason we feel it is worthwhile to publish some of the feedback we receive from our patients. Some are in the middle of or have just completed their treatment and are able to give personal experiences and insights on how we work.

Unsolicited, genuine, word for word testimonials

Please note that every testimonial or review you read here is completely unsolicited and included just as we received it, word for word.

We would also encourage you to leave us feedback once you have completed your treatment course with us. This can help patients who may come to us in the future gain more information and insight into our practice. We very much appreciate constructive critics too – those that are able to point out issues that are not perfect, and that can point us towards areas where we can improve still further in the future.

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Review by Ms Robyn L

from London

From start to finish, I was impressed with the service. All the dentists I had were professional and kind when carrying out the procedure.

At the beginning, everything was explained thoroughly and I had X-Rays and CTs to ensure my bone was strong enough to have the dental implants.

There was a bit of a problem fitting the screw for one of my implants but I was administered more anaesthetic which made it more comfortable and the dentist was very kind in ensuring that I wasn’t in any pain.

The recovery went well and when I did have a problem (a small infection at the wound site), they were quick to get me an appointment and operate on the area in order to fit a healing screw. I was pleased with the service and never felt rushed to make a decision even when I had to send back the crowns for amendment. (…)

Overall the place itself seemed very clean and hygienic - rather small but that didn't make any difference. (…) Nicely decorated, very clean - location is great and very central.

Be aware that during rush hour, it can be very busy and congested around Oxford circus and surrounding areas so bear that in mind when taking public transport, such as buses and tubes. Parking could be available on Queen Anne Street if you might be driving.

Reception staff were very friendly and approachable and talked me through all the appropriate documents, such as warranties and after care. Very helpful when asking for help on teeth whitening and my new crowns - the dentist gave good advice and helped with the warranty invalidations.

Review by Karen Mackintosh

"In talking to others about their implant experiences I am thankful I chose the specialists I did. Not only was my treatment less than half the cost of theirs but I know that I have been attended by the experts in the field who, after all, lecture on the subject at international seminars and conventions."

I was in my early fifties when I looked at the possibility of having dental implants. This was because I had a number of teeth missing due to lack of dental care during my pregnancies when I lived outside the UK in my early twenties. Several other teeth were becoming progressively looser and the prospect of false teeth was horrifying!

Initially a local private dentist told me I would be unable to have dental implants due to bone loss in my jaw. However I refused to accept this and researched the internet where I came upon Dent1st – Harley Street Dental Implant Centre and I was most impressed by the information on their site, the fact they had many years experience and their price list.

I then asked my NHS dentist for his view. He told me he had known people who had used Dent1st very successfully and urged me to make contact.

My thinking was that I would much rather place my trust in specialists who are doing implants every day rather than a local dentist who maybe only does one a month.

There was the option of travelling to Hungary each time for treatment but I thought the small saving did not outweigh the inconvenience, and I was apprehensive about going down that route should any complications arise. In the event I travelled alone by train from my home in Surrey to 46 Harley Street in London each time for treatment without problem.

I called Dent1st for more information and the first person I spoke to was Kristina David. What a wonderful first impression.

She was most informative and very patient, I asked a lot of questions! During this call I decided to book a consultation and when I went along I was impressed by just how professional everybody was and it seemed that cleanliness was almost an obsession (How reassuring!)

My decision was made. I decided not to have too much treatment done at any one time, justin case, and opted to spread it out over 2 years.

I was surprised that all treatments were pretty painless and after care advice was very thorough. In total I had 5 implants at different sites, upper and lower. I also needed a sinus lift procedure as part of the treatment for the last 2 implants.

All the dentists who treated me were gentle, extremely professional, and friendly. Their attention to detail was so reassuring, including, as I’ve said, their attention to sterile conditions. In particular I remember Dr. Benson, his kindness and the time he took to explain every procedure to me, to explain the importance of allowing time for healing and advising me on oral hygiene.

I was also always made to feel welcome by the dental nurses at the surgery and the admin staff who went out of their way on several occasions to fit me in for appointments so I could avoid taking time off work. The fact the surgery is open at weekends is a big plus when one has a long way to travel into London from home.

My course of treatment is now finished. It has taken 3 years compared to the original plan of 2 and I am so pleased with the end result and so grateful to all the people who helped me get to this stage!

I can now eat normally, I can smile without embarrassment, and I believe the teeth on either side of the implants have firmed up as a result.

In talking to others about their implant experiences I am thankful I chose the specialists I did. Not only was my treatment less than half the cost of theirs but I know that I have been attended by the experts in the field who, after all, lecture on the subject at international seminars and conventions.

I have also used their general dentists for composite fillings. I was so impressed by the standard of their work that I would now never return to a local dentist for these more routine treatments.

I have no hesitation in recommending others to Dent1st - Harley Street and am pleased to provide this testimonial.

Karen Mackintosh

July 2014

Review by Mandy Paulse

"Implant is the best decision I made"

How did you come to the initial decision to have dental

I had a crown which kept coming out and eventually there was
not enough original tooth left for the crown to fit onto,
this then led me to the decision to get a dental implant as
the gap was at the end of my smile.

What were your main concerns?

My main concern was could they do it, how would it be done and most importantly would it look and feel natural

Why did you choose our Harley Street practice?

I am signed up to Groupon and the deal of £995 came along,
II purchased it and made an appointment without any hassle.

How was your treatment experience?

Great, I am very nervous about needles and each
dentist/specialist I dealt with handled this in the nicest
manner, always explaining what they were going to do and
where they were in the process so I never felt
overwhelmed. I never once felt pain with needles or any
other work that had to be carried out.

What do you think about your treating dentists in general?

Every single dentist I had was really good and each one did
their best to easy my fear of needles. They all had so
much pride in what they were doing, you feel it and it makes
you feel at ease. They want to do a good job – and they

What do you think about the whole team?

I think the entire team are really good from the
receptionist who were always friendly and all the dentists
too, I’ve never had issues, even when I complained about
my initial crown fitting appointment being moved to 3 weeks
later due to the dentist availability, they came back to me
a day or 2 later with an earlier appointment which I really

How does the final result compares to your initial

Exactly how I hoped for, you cannot tell which tooth is an
implant, the colour has been matched absolutely perfectly
and I remember that specific dentist being a perfectionist
making me bite correctly 3 or 4 times to ensure the implant
would fit right and he seemed to concentrate on the colour,
being very impressed with himself when the final fitting was
good and the colour was on point.

How much do you think you saved? Could you afford the
treatment with your local dentist?

I saved over £1000 through the Groupon deal. I probably
could afford it with my local NHS dentist but they were the
reason I had to get an implant in the first place.

How and on what level have your new teeth changed your life?

Eating is absolutely perfect, tooth looks and feels great
and natural as I said you cannot pinpoint which tooth is the
implant and socially I feel confident again, I’m a very
outgoing person and so it’s great to laugh and smile again
without being conscious about the gap.

What would be your advice to future patients?

Implant is the best decision I made, if you need to get one
you won’t be disappointed with anything at 46 Harley Street, they are professionals who make you feel at ease and
do an absolutely brilliant job with superb standards. I
would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Review by Janette

from UK

Dear All,

I thought now was the time, three months after having my dental implants, to write and say a big thank you to your wonderful team.

Eighteen months ago my lovely bridgework became loose and I thought I would have a new top row of implants. After much looking around and consultations with various dentists, I visited Dentists Abroad in Harley Street and met Dr Atilla Toth, from the first consultation I felt so much confidence in them. Sadly because of my low bone density (and years of smoking no doubt) a row of implants was not possible but I could have fixed dentures, oh no, not dentures, was my initial thought!! However, Atilla assured me that all would be ok.

I flew out to their very modern surgery in Budapest and had four dental implants with bone grafting which took over two hours in the chair and I opted for local anaesthetic!!! Atilla was fantastic and really knows what he is doing and apart from some swelling which only lasted a couple of days, all went really well. I was so well looked after by Eszter and the team over there who were so kind and helpful.

Finally in November 2011 the day had come at last to fly to Budapest for the final fittings and moulds and again the team were great. We stayed for eleven days in all and Judit was lovely and helpful, advising us all the places to see as we had quite a bit of spare time between appointments (my partner was also having an implant at this time). Budapest is a lovely place and we managed to see so much, highly recommend a trip.

Since then, I have been back to up in Harley Street for a minor adjustment (the great thing is you can get things sorted out over here if necessary). Krisztina was super here, she also helped to organise both our trips and was always on hand for advice. So, if you are thinking of having fixed dentures please don't worry, you hardly know you have them and there are no better people to see than this team.

Once again my heartfelt thanks to all of the team, especially Krisztina in Harley Street, Eszter and Judit in Hungary, the wonderful Attila Toth for his wealth of experience and advice and of course Zsolt, who designed and fitted my fixed denture and gave me back my smile. I do need one further implant in my lower jaw and of course, will be visiting Atilla for this, but maybe in Harley Street this time.

Janette, UK

Review by The daily telegraph

from UK

Keeping your pearly whites in good order gets harder – and more expensive – as you age. Which is why more of us are successfully seeking cheaper treatment abroad

Paul Willmott couldn’t quite believe it. After losing a number of back teeth to gum disease and finding dentures didn’t work for him, the 58-year-old from Essex had been referred to a dental consultant who recommended implants – essentially artificial roots with crowns on top.

The procedure sounded pretty grim, but what really took Willmott’s breath away was the price: an estimated £20,000.

"They confirmed what the consultant in the UK had said, so I knew they weren't going to rip me off by recommending more work than I needed" -Willmott

A second opinion from a dentist in Cambridge produced an even higher estimate of £25,000.

Paying a king’s ransom for crowns was an unappealing prospect, but so was living on soup for the rest of his days. Fortunately Willmott remembered reading about a third option, having dental work done more cheaply abroad, so he went on the internet to find out more.

One company particularly attracted him – DentistAbroad. The head implant dentist, Dr Attila Toth has successfully installed more than 15,000 implants with a higher than 99 per cent success rate. The company was the first of its type to open a practice in the UK, when it opened in London’s Harley Street in 2007. However, much of the dentistry also takes place in Hungary

"One of my concerns was what would happen if there were any problems after the treatment,” says Willmott. “It would be a real pain to have to travel to Hungary each time, so a company with a UK practice was a big advantage."

DentistAbroad’s London office supplied references, and offered Willmott a free consultation, which he decided to have in Hungary to check out the company and its facilities.

“My initial impression was that all the dentists and support staff were welcoming and very professional,” says Willmott. “The consulting room was clean and well equipped, and they more or less confirmed what the consultant in the UK had said, so I knew they weren’t going to rip me off by recommending more work than I needed.”

The first stage in Willmott’s treatment was to lift his sinuses. It’s a major operation and he chose to have it done at Harley Street rather than having to convalesce in Hungary. Then over the course of about six months he made a couple of trips to Budapest for the implants, plus a more extended visit a few months later to have all the crowns fitted.

Every time the treatment and service were both first-class, says Willmott. “They were really friendly and looked after me well.

I chose to arrange my own travel and hotel but they’ll do it all for you if you wish. They meet you at the airport with a car and take you wherever you want to go, and they never let me down once.”

As a bonus, Budapest is a beautiful city and Willmott was able to enjoy some sightseeing on his longer stays.

Despite his initial concerns there were no problems with the treatment. “Given how much they did I was pleasantly surprised that everything healed so quickly,” he says.

At £9,300 including flights and hotels, the overall bill was less than half what Willmott would have paid in the UK. Even treatment at the organisation’s Harley Street practice is significantly cheaper than using a UK dentist, because Hungarian practitioners simply don’t charge so much.

“I’d become very disappointed with my UK dentist who didn’t seem interested in me as a patient: she couldn’t even get my name right,” says Willmott. “So now I go to DentistAbroad in Harley Street for all my dental treatment, and I think the quality is better than my UK dentist.”

Indeed, Willmott is now undergoing a second treatment which will be carried out in London next month. It is a single tooth replacement that costs usually costs £2,000-£2,500 in the UK. But at DentistAbroad’s Harley Street clinic it will cost only £995 –a saving of more than 50 per cent.

“I’d certainly recommend Dr Attila Toth, Dr Gabrialla Sarok and all other dentists from the organisation to my friends, and if anyone needs a serious amount of work done then I think they’d be foolish not to consider the foreign treatment option.

“I can’t fault DentistAbroad and I have no regrets. It’s been absolutely brilliant.

Review by Tony Iveson

from UK

Dear Timea,

It has been over two months now since I returned from Budapest at the end of my final course of treatment and I would like to let you know how delighted I am with everything that has happened.

Firstly, the end result and the new implants have exceeded my wildest expectations. I couldn't see how you were going to do it and I have been astonished by the results, as have been my family and friends.

I would like to thank everyone concerned with your operation for your professionalism and friendliness but especially yourself Timea, Dr Attila Toth for the initial implants, Denes for the care that he took installing the healing screws, Balazs for the patience he showed when fitting the crowns, Andrea for everything and Greg and Adam for being so nice!

I have already recommended someone else to have treatment with you and she has returned from her first trip as delighted as I was. I will continue to spread the word and would be more than happy for you to tell potential patients to phone me so that I may help to reassure them, as I was by one of your previous patients. So, thank you all very much. (Tel: (...) )

Before I finish a quick question if I may. I need to see you yearly for a check-up/ Do you contact me about this or is it up to me to make the appointment. I believe if I have the appointment in London I pay a small charge. What is the situation if I were to come to Budapest? Would you be happy to pick me up from the airport etc and would there be a charge? We were really taken with Budapest and now, with Ryanair commencing flights to there from Bristol it is very easy and pretty cheap for us to get there.

Many thanks one again Timea,

Best wishes,


Review by Pat Rick

from UK

Hi Timea

Thank you for your email and I am absolutely delighted with my new 'Hollywood Smile', Dr Attila Toth said I would look like a movie star and he was right!

It's amazing that in 9 months I have such a transformation. It started in June last year for a one day visit to Budapest for a consultation with Dr Attila Toth, then I came back in September for 8 days where I had 18 implants and two sinus lifts, I opted for the mild sedation which I was very pleased I had which totally relaxed me and the ladies who looked after me where brilliant. I had to wait 8 months for the bone to fuse and returned on 4 June for 8 days and for my final treatment of 28 crowns, there was a small problem in as much as a mistake had been made on my treatment plan and 6 teeth which I had in the front had been overlooked and I had to make the decision of whether to have crowns for these, which Dr Attila Toth recommended and even though it was money I hadn't accounted for I am delighted I made the decision to have them as the finished look is amazing.

Andrea was very helpful and all of the Doctor's staff are very friendly and reassuring. I had been told that Dr Attila Toth only did the implants and one of his dental team would fit the crowns, but I feel I had preferential treatment as Dr Attila Toth carried out all of my dental work which I was more than happy with.

Timea many thanks for making the hotel arrangements and for sending information on Budapest which we found very useful prior to our prior trip to Budapest. The Danbius Hotel is a beautiful hotel and we (my husband accompanied me on all my visits) found it very relaxing and the facilities are superb. The drivers are very helpful too and speak excellent English, which is a big asset for asking any questions about Budapest.

I would recommend anyone going to Budapest for their dental treatment, there is absolutely nothing to worry about and if you would like a Hollywood smile like me at less than half the price it cost in the UK, go for it. Even with the flights and hotel costs you are still saving lots of money.

Its brilliant to be able to eat a crusty roll and chew meat after years of not being able to.

Timea - I would be happy for you to put my comments on your website references.

I just have one little problem, one of my crowns at the bottom feels like it has a bubble on the inside and it doesn't feel comfortable, can you make me an appointment at the Harley St. clinic and perhaps they can file it down.

Once again many thanks to you, Dr Toth and all his staff.

Best Wishes,

Pat Crick

Review by Tony Robertson

from UK


Sorry for the delay in replying.

I would like to say a very big thank you and all the staff especially my Dentist who made me feel very comfortable on every aspect of my treatment. I was a little apprehensive about travelling to Budapest for the treatment but on arriving at the Airport to be greeted then driven to the clinic all my fears seem to have been removed. My stay in Budapest was fantastic and to come home with a smile was even better.

My Dentist made sure that I was comfortable and happy with everything she done and spoke to me throughout the treatment, which made me feel very comfortable. I have never been so relaxed with a Dentist and can assure you that everyone I meet, I always tell them about my experience. For all the work that was done, I am still trying to understand such a low cost.

Thank you.

I am sure it's nothing but I would like to ask, I have noticed that what I would call my "fang" teeth have at the top nearer the gum have turned a slight shade of gray? Is this normal, I wouldn't expect so! Maybe it would be worth making a visit to Harley Street to get it checked out. What do you think?

In saying this, I am still very happy and have not stopped smiling :-))))))

Once again thanks to all at Dentist Abroad especially my Dentist. Can you please make sure she receives a copy of my e-mail.

Best wishes and regards,


Review by Gill Milton

from UK

Hi Timea,

Thank you for your Email.

Indeed - I have just completed stage 2 of my treatment. I am on the opinion that your team works to a very high standard, are very caring and considers the needs of their patients. Given that most of us are visiting from England and are we are made to feel very welcome and safe which is obviously very important.

My Sutures were stubborn, refusing to dissolve (I'm sure that was what was supposed to have happened). My colleague took them out for me last week as everything looked fine. My colleagues and I were impressed (we're a very close team of mental health nurses and they all needed to look) what a neat job Dr Halasz has performed.


After my treatment 7.05.07 Andrea contacted me regularly to check if I was okay. She told me that if I had a problem to contact her. I did not require this but felt that I would have been given that support if needed I would like to thank your staff that Taxi me around during my stay in Budapest. It is nice to see pleasant familiar faces when you arrive.

As you are aware (thanks for sorting out my booking for the last visit by the way) I have stayed at the Thermal Hotel once again. What can I say? Great hotel, Great staff, Great Island, Great food if I could eat most of it. My long term goal is to eat loads of it after my dental work is finally completed in January. Generally I would say the Thermal is great value for Money, especially with your discount. I spoke to someone who told me a male had had treatment and stayed in an apartment. He apparently felt very alone because of this. I must say I had thought of the apartment option however decided against this after some consideration. If problems did occur the hotel staff is at hand to offer advice

And now for Budapest. The last place on earth I thought I would visit. I hadn't really heard of it. What a fantastic Place. During this visit I had chance to explore a very small section of the city. Isn't it beautiful? I'm Hoping that when I retire from work in a few years' time I will return for a closer inspection of Budapest, I think I would prefer to live there as opposed to here. (Why you live in England is beyond me) May I just add that on this visit to Budapest I met a lovely Hungarian Gentleman who had worked for so many years in a hospital (where I have also worked) 12 miles from my home here in England. Wow what a coincidence!

I have now met 7 English people who are clients of Dentist Abroad. They have all from different parts of England and all at varying stages of treatment. This is always good because I don't know about your people but we will complain about everything. However I spent most of my evenings in the hotel lounge singing your phrases along with them.

You asked about improvements to your customer service. I've been very impressed with the whole service and cannot think where you could improve. You have all been great so far. I have recommended you to my colleagues most of which have said that if they required extensive dental treatment they would consider looking to a service such as yours.

(My colleagues and I are now anxiously awaiting January to see the end result.)

Finally! A big KÖSZÖNÖM! (THX.) to all of you for everything so far.

Gill Mitton

Review by Cindy Richardson

from UK

Hi Timea,

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you and counterpart Andrea in Budapest for your help and advice

I can't fault the standard of treatment and care that I received whilst in Budapest and my choice to stay at the Danubius Thermal Spa Hotel proved to be a good one.

I did have apprehensions about travelling out to another country in order to obtain Dental treatment but you and the team took away the Transport to and from the Clinic worries regards accommodation, , hotel reservations etc which made the whole experience stress free and would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring treatment

I spoke to Mr Dave Baker who lives locally who had just returned prior to my visit and he reassured that I was going to be ok and that he had his Exam at the Danubius Thermal Spa Hotel and had follow up treatment somewhere in Budapest. I don't know if he had treatment through your clinic but he will be returning end of September with his wife who is also having treatment. If he was a one of your patients and you were able to synchronise the treatment dates it would be nice to have someone to travel with or talk too.

I am glad to report that I am recovering well and am still following the after treatment advice that was given to me, although resting and taking things easy seems so difficult to do sometimes.

As you are aware my four month healing period will take to the end of September before I can return to continue my treatment and I would like to know what dates you have available around this time?

I also decided to have the healing screws done in Harley Street two weeks before my return to Budapest so depending on what dates you have for the above can you arrange this as well please?

Once again thanks for your help.

Cindy Richardson