Dr Attila Toth

Dr Attila Toth

Dr Attila Toth - Special Interest in Oral Surgery
Leading Implant Dentist

Experienced dental implant dentist with high level of precision and success rate

Dr Toth is temporarily unavailable, his patients are seen by Dr Lorincz

  • Master of Science in Implantology & Dental Surgery (Münster 2014, Germany)
  • Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology (Münster 2010, Germany)
  • Expert Member of the British Dental Association

  • over 99% success rate
  • over 1000 dental implants placed annually

  • First dental implantation in 1992
  • Graduated as Dr Med Dent in 1991 (Hungary)

Dr Attila Toth has over 20 years experience in dental implantation. He is a University Lecturer in Hungary and a Consultant and Lecturer of the Zimmer Implant Company, USA.

Dr Toth has placed close to 20,000 dental implants in the last 20 years. He is experienced in full mouth reconstructions and complicated bone augmentation procedures. He is registered and fully insured in the UK.

Dr Attila Toth is one of the most sought after experienced implant dentist in London with regular surgery dates at our Harley Street practice.

He believes in high standard of work, precision, reliability and life-long learning and teaching in dentistry.

Dr Toth's implantation success rate was 99.3% (only 0.7% failure rate) in 2009/2010, based on the over 500 dental implants he has placed for British / Irish and American patients.

(As a comparison, a 3% failure rate is accepted in implant dentistry. Dr Attila Toth has a 77% lower failure rate than the industrial standard)

Congresses and courses

  • Master of Science in Implantology & Dental Surgery (Münster 2014, Germany)

  • Master of Medicine in Implantologie - Münster / Germany 2010
  • International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Implant Prosthodontic Dep. of ICOI
  • Zimmer World Congress. 2006
  • 3D CS-Block Technique Implant Course. 2006
  • Advanced Reconstructive Surgery in Implant Dentistry. 2005
  • International Congress of DGOI 200
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie
  • Camlog Implantation Course. 2002
  • Noble Biocare Replace Congress. 2000
  • Camlog Augmentation and Implantation Course. 1999

He finds it very important continuously train himself on international courses and conferences. As a result of this Dr Toth has acquired the Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology degree in October 2010 and Master of Science in Implantology & Dental Surgery in 2014, Münster, Germany

Dr Toth is the leader dental implant dentist in an additional six local practices in Hungary where he places a further 500-1000 dental implants a year. He is also available as implant tutor in Austria ans Switzerland.

He carries out his work with the utmost care and professionalism, leading to an over 99% success rate with his implant surgeries.

He is available in London 3-4 days a month.