Why Do Different Clinics Charge Different Amounts for Dental Implants?

21.01.2013 Monday

Dental implants vary markedly in price between clinics. Below we cover the most likely reasons for this. The information will be useful if you are considering this form of dental treatment.

Which brand of implant is used?

Premium brands of implants are sometimes offered by certain dental surgeons. They are costlier and yet this does not always assure the patient of better quality, or indeed of a healthier success rate. In every case the skills held by the dental surgeon will be paramount to ensuring a successful dental implant is achieved.

Is an abutment required?

Abutments are often preferred by dentists in order to connect the implant to the crown. This can also make impression taking much easier and can reduce any subsequent bone loss that may occur. This is particularly the case if the abutment is placed during the surgical procedure. It is preferable to the requirement to move the abutment repeated times throughout the treatment.

In contrast however not all dentists use abutments in their treatments, which may be due to cost. If one is not used there may be additional loss of bone surrounding the implant itself.

Abutment type used

Abutments may be created from several types of materials. The two main styles are pre-fabricated and customised abutments, whether the former is cheaper than the latter. Thus price comes into play here as well.

This is particularly true if aesthetics will play a role. Anterior teeth may benefit from Zirconia abutments due to the appearance. However these have a higher price than titanium abutments, thus altering the final price paid by the patient.

CT scans and bone grafting

The dental surgeon must ensure there is an appropriate degree of bone where the implant is to be situated. To this end, CT scans can assist in determining whether a grafting procedure will be needed prior to implant placement. Again, the cost of a scan will be added to the overall price, yet this is an essential step in the overall process to ensure the best chance of success.

Will the dentist provide a provisional crown?

Generally speaking a dental implant that has been preceded by a temporary crown will elicit a better result than one not following on from such a crown. A temporary crown is always recommended to allow both the dental surgeon and the patient to see how the proper crown will look once in place. It can also assist in ensuring the gum tissue is able to form around the crown that will eventually be in place.

Final implant crown material

Here too, Zirconia is typically preferred for aesthetic reasons. It is also one of the most biocompatible substances used in such circumstances. Thus while it is more expensive it also increases the chances of complete success with regard to the implant.

However the alternative of a porcelain finish bonded to a metal based crown is also available and will also reduce the cost.

The overheads of the dental practice used

Clearly overheads in central London are higher than other more rural parts of the country. Thus the cost charged for dental implants can vary depending on location and the overheads of the individual surgery.

Conclusion concerning the cost of dental implants

It is clear we should expect significant variations in dental implant costs. Thus we always recommend re