Fight Christmas Tooth Ache

27.12.2012 Thursday

Got a tooth ache during Christmas? No emergency service available? Want to get rid of the pain faster?

Tooth ache can be due to various reasons...

  • Decayed Tooth
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Fractured Tooth
  • A damaged root canal or filling
  • Constant chewing gum or grinding teeth
  • Infected gums

We offer you ten methods to fight that nerve racking Christmas tooth ache.

Tip # 1 -Hygiene

Unmaintained or neglected hygiene is one of the main reasons for the cavity and harmful bacteria house in the mouth. Regular rinsing off mouth is one way to maintain hygiene, especially after every meal.

Tip# 2 -Drink water

May seem to be simple, but drinking water often doesn’t allow bacteria to stay in the mouth long. Drinking a lot of water results less dental problems and it is also good for skin.

Tip# 3 -Correct way of Brushing

Brushing vigorously or for longer time doesn’t have any point if the way you are brushing is incorrect. Hold your brush parallel to your lips, brush first clock and then anti clock wise in a comfortable speed. Follow the same procedure to the sides of your teeth too.

Tip# 4 -Change of toothpaste

Change your toothpaste every couple of months. Harmful bacteria get used to the paste so keep changing every few months to avoid them getting used to it. Make sure that the different toothpastes you buy have different active ingredients. Swapping between the same brand but different tastes has little or no effect.

Tip# 5 -Salted warm water

Prepare a glass of warm water and add salt until it can’t be dissolved any further and rinse your mouth several times, dynamically swishing the salty water around your mouth (if the pain allows) or just allowing the brine to work in your mouth (it will make you salivate). The pain, especially when extremely severe, may instantly subside or perhaps take a little time before it goes away.

Tip# 6 -Hot and cold

Soothe and numb the pain of your toothache with gentle heat and cold. Hold a hot or cold pack, or ice cubes wrapped in a towel, to your jaw next to your aching tooth. Sip hot soup broth, hot tea, or eat some ice cream. Or, if your toothache is sensitive to extreme heat and cold, sip on lukewarm liquids, like tea, cocoa, or lemon water.

Tip# 7 -Teabag therapy

Use a microwave, put a teabag in a small dish filled with water for about 40 seconds or until quite warm, squeeze out the excess water and bite down on the teabag, holding it against your aching tooth/gum. Teas such as strong black and green teas are rich in tannins, which are known to reduce swelling and help your blood to clot and therefore improve healing.

Tip# 8 -Lime or citron

Cut a slice or wedge of lime or citron and apply, bite into it if you can to release some of the juice. If you’re sensitive to cold, first bring the fruit to room temperature if it was refrigerated.

Tip# 9 -Avoid

Avoid foods with a lot of sugar and spices. Also avoid food that needs to be chewed thoroughly (like meat, fibrous fruits and raw vegetables, etc).

Tip# 10 -Have

Stick to liquids and soft foods at a soothing temperature to alleviate some of your toothache pain. You can eat little over boiled food and eat, like mashed potatoes, pasta, rice with dal or kadhi etc.