Maxillent's iRaise - Sinus Lift Dental Implant

10.05.2013 Friday

The sinus lift procedure can be invasive and extremely demanding for the surgeon but the dental implant iRaise can minimise this invasion and make the procedure much simpler. Patients’ pain and recovery time is significantly reduced when using iRaise making it a much less traumatic experience overall.

SPECIAL OFFER - Thousands of iRaise dental implants have been placed worldwide. It is now being launched in the UK, Dent1st being the first dental practice in the country offering it to implant candidates. Our first 5 patients will receive a special discount on the treatment and will receive the iRaise sinus implant for the regular implant placement fees.

So how does it work and what are the primary advantages of using this implant?

How iRaise Works

The iRaise sinus lift implant contains an internal channel and a prosthetic connection. Fluids can be deposited in the maxillary sinus via the internal, L-shaped channel which is separated from this prosthetic connection as well as the oral cavity. The implant acts as a kind of funnel making the sinus lift procedure much easier to perform. Its structural strength has been tested rigorously following ISO 14801 and it has been found that it actually exceeds the standard requirements.

A hole is drilled into the maxilla where the iRaise implant is introduced. The tip of the iRaise is then rotated to gently enter the sinus floor just below the membrane of the maxillary sinus cavity. Once the iRaise is in place, saline is deposited into the sinus via the implant’s internal channel.

The pressure of the saline injection lifts the sinus membrane to create a cavity and, once the saline is drained, the internal channel in iRaise can then be used to deposit bone graft in the sinus cavity. The gum tissue can be stitched once the implant is firmly in place.

The bone may take 6 to 9 months to fuse with the implant as it takes some time for the bone graft to mature. Once this has occurred, the prosthetic tooth can be applied to the implant using standard procedures.

iRaise is CE Mark approved, has been successfully tested in clinical trials and is available for purchase in Europe or overseas in Israel.

Benefits of iRaise

Sinus lift procedures can be very demanding on the surgeon and can be difficult. The clinician can feel more at ease and confident with iRaise because:

  • The technique requires minimal training. Clinicians who are used to the difficult open sinus lift procedure will find this procedure much easier.
  • The technique takes a mere thirty minutes to perform as opposed to the one to two hour open sinus lift technique
  • Reduces surgical trauma therefore patient follow up appointments are reduced
  • The hydraulic pressure which lifts the Schneiderian membrane reduces the risk of damage and perforation to it

Patients’ quality of life is also improved because:

  • This procedure minimises invasion reducing the pain and discomfort seen after open sinus lift procedures
  • There is no excessive bruising or swelling using iRaise as opposed to the open sinus lift
  • The patient will recover much quicker which saves discomfort and return to work is much quicker

iRaise - The Sinus lift video

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