Get £100 discount on your dental implant treatment (LIMITED)

03.07.2016 Sunday

£100 discount on your dental implant treatment. Inclusive of implant, abutment and crown. Limited to 30 patients per month.

Receive £100 discount on one of our most comprehensive dental implant treatment packages. Included is one single dental implant, implant abutment and final cemented crown. This deal is perfect for those who would like to be covered for the first year of maintenance and would like to save on your aftercare costs.

Pay £10 to get £100 implant discount here

What you can use the voucher for?

The discount voucher is valid for an advanced Alpha Bio - SPI / ICE dental implant completed with abutment and crown. Also inclusive of one-years' maintenance and aftercare. See list below.

Advanced Alpha Bio SPI or ICE dental implant

(up to 10 years warranty)

Alpha Bio owned by Nobel Biocare, one of the most reputable, global implant manufacturers. The quality and support for these implants are ensured and guarnteed.

Clinical advantages

  • Bone condensing properties and high primary stability
  • Self-directing during insertion
  • Enables the changing of direction for optimal restorative position
  • Enables a smaller osteotomy, resulting in minimal bone loss
  • Enables narrow ridge expansion
  • Reduces the risk of damaging neighboring teeth
  • Reduces the risk of perforating the lingual or buccal cortex
£ 795

Dental Implant Abutment (cemented)

The implant abutment connects the dental implant and the implant crown to form the core of the final restoration. It is made of titanium, and uniquely shaped to each specific tooth by a dental technician.

£ 300

Implant Crown (cemented)

Porcelain bonded Crown cemented to the implant abutment. Replaces the crown of the missing tooth.

£ 350

Complete Replacement Total


Includes one year after care and maintenance

This includes one 40 minutes’ consultation with dentist, intra oral X-Ray, panoramic X-Ray or 3D CT scan (if needed), plus a full session (60 mins) annual dental hygiene treatment, which is essential with implant treatments.

WORTH £210

Sub total


Special price discount (if paid in advace)


Added £100 discount



Treatment does not include specific, optional or unique to patient treatment phases such as, extraction, temporarisation, gum treatment, bone augmentation, etc. Consultation costs £25, Panoramic X-Ray £40, and CT Scan £90 according to our regular price list. Please call our customer care team on 020 7424 8886 before purchase. Once bought no refund is available and the deal is non-transferable for other implant types. Limited to 30 patients per month.

Get £100 implant discount here. You pay only £10.